NEW Review: The Gugging Swallowing Screen- validity and benefit

Ki Deok Park and colleagues from Gachon University, Korea, recently published a systematic review, called ‘The Gugging Swallowing Screen in dysphagia screening for patients with stroke: A systematic review’ investigating the GUSS’ validity and benefit.

They found that GUSS is a reliable and sensitive tool for screening dysphagia and that early and systematic assessment can prevent aspiration and pneumonia. Read more in the orginal paper (doi: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2020.103588 ).

Care Pathway Safety Swallowing (German)

VIDEO: Implementierung des Gugging Swallowing Screens an der Universitätsklinik für Neurologie in Graz

Esther Trampusch ist Pflegeleiterin und erzählt im folgenden Video über den Implementierungsprozess des Gugging Swallowing Screens (GUSS) an der Universitätsklink für Neurologie in Graz.

Die daraufhin in Stroke erschienene Studie “Early Dysphagia Screening by Trained Nurses Reduces Pneumonia Rate in Stroke Patients: A Clinical Intervention Study”, wird ebenfalls besprochen.

*To our international readers: Unfortunately this video is only available in German. Here is the link to the original paper:

New publication by M. Trapl!

Development of a modified swallowing screening tool to manage post-extubation dysphagia

This new paper by Assoc. Prof. Martin Christensen and Michaela Trapl focuses on the condition of post-extubation dysphagia, which is becoming a growing concern for patients in the intensive care unit. The aim of the study was the development of a bedside swallowing screening tool to assess effective swallowing post-endotracheal extubation. This was a first step of a quality improvement initiative to promote a nurse-led and nurse-initiated bedside swallow screening tool, which will enhance both patient care and safety.

Development of a modified swallowing screening tool to manage post-extubation dysphagia. Christensen M, Trapl M; 2017


We would like to make aware about the conference DGE-BV MEETS ENDOSKOPIE LIVE from 6th to 8th April 2017 in Berlin, Estrel Hotel: dge-bv_endolive2017_tp_web

Michaela Trapl, SLT will talk about: “Dysphagiescreeningsverfahren in der Akutphase nach Schlaganfall” – “Dysphagia screening procedures in the acute phase of
stroke” on 7th April at 11 o`clock a.m. 

Authors: M. Trapl1,2, Y. Teuschl2, M. Brainin1,2 – 1Universitätsklinikum Tulln/Österreich, 2Donau Universtität Krems/Österreich


Recent Article: Dysphagia in stroke Patients

An article about the Frequency and´Predictors of Dysphagia in Patients With Recent Small Subcortical Infarcts has been recently published by Fandler S et al.: Fandler S et al 2017.


For the determination of Dysphagie the Gugging Swallowing Screen has been used.

The study reported that 83 of the 332 included patients (25%) with recent small subcortical infarcts (RSSI) had dysphagia. A higher stroke severity, ontine infarction, and severe white matter hyperintensities were determined as risk factors for swallowing dysfunction (Fandler et al. 2017).