Dysphagia Screening by Nurses

Impact of 24/7 Dysphagia Screening on Pneumonia Rate in Stroke Patients

In a recent Stroke article Prof. Gattringer and his team at the Department of Neurology at the Medical University of Graz, Austria studied the impact of a 24/7 dysphagia screening on the rate of pneumonia. The bedside Gugging Swallowing Screen (GUSS) was used as assessment of swallowing dysfunction and performed in acute stroke patients by trained nurses. Patients in the intervention group had a lower rate of pneumonia, a reduced lenght of hospital stay and a lower in-hospital mortality. Therefore, empowering nurses to do a formal bedside screening like the GUSS is warranted.

Stroke– Early Dysphagia Screening by Trained Nurses Reduces Pneumonia Rate in Stroke Patients


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