We are excited to announce that an extended GUSS protocol (GUSS-Plus) for stroke patients in the post-acute phase has been developed by Dipl. phil. Stephan Werner et al. at the Neurologisches Therapiezentrum Kapfenberg, Austria.

In comparison to the original GUSS, an additional trial in the direct swallowing test has been included. After the common procedures of the semi-solid , liquid and solid swallowing trial a combined test of solid and liquid swallowing is conducted, if the maximum number of 5 points was achieved in the solid swallowing trial . After approximately half of the determined time for chewing in the solid swallowing trial the patients has to drink some water. Like in the other trials cough, drooling and voice change are assessed. The assessment of deglutition is not part of this subtest.


Presentation and lectures

Dipl. phil. Stephan Werner has presented a poster as well has given a lecture at the ‘Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für NeuroRehabilitation’,  13.-15. October 2016 in Pörtschach, Austria.


Furthermore he has given a lecture at the ‘6th DGNR-Jahrestagung’ in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany, 1.–3. December 2016.




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